Capitalising on a Processing Plant and gold assets in the Charters Towers Region, Queensland

Welcome to Ashby Mining Limited

Ashby Mining is an aspiring Australian mineral resources company developing a gold production business in the Charters Towers region in Northern Queensland.

Ashby Mining owns and also has secured rights to a total land package covering over 600km2 which contain historical mines, mineral resources, highly prospective exploration potential and a gold processing plant.

Ashby Mining aspires to commence gold production once sufficient mineral resource is converted to ore reserves. Exploration and project development is anticipated to be ongoing to maintain a robust project pipeline.

Charters Towers History

Historically, the Charters Towers goldfield was renowned as Australia’s richest major field, with an estimated production totalling in excess of 6.6 million ounces. Throughout its lifespan between 1872 and 1917, the fields recovered 6.1 million tonnes of ore, at an average ore grade of 38 g/t.

The Charters area represented the largest gold producing field in Queensland, comprising 36 percent of the state’s total gold production. The gold ore grade from the Charters Towers mines was almost double that of Victorian mines and almost 75 percent higher than grades of Western Australian (Kalgoorlie) goldfields of that time.


Learn more about tenement portfolio located in the Charters Towers region.



An overview of the resources, gold assets and advanced projects.

Project Pipeline


The 340Ktpa Blackjack Processing Plant is located 15 minutes from Charters Towers.

Processing Plant


Far Fanning is located within a group of mining leases, 60km SW of Townsville.

Far Fanning Open Pit

Toll Milling Opportunities

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