Environmental, Social and Governance

We believe that a strong ESG proposition is not only critical to business strategy, but executed properly, creates value directly linked to cashflow.

Led by a data driven team of creative leaders, Ashby Mining is passionate about the resources industry and the opportunity to build a modern environmentally responsible and technology enabled business.

The Ashby Mining leadership and management team has extensive experience in global exploration, mine construction, mining operations and a track record of building robust and successful resources enterprises and businesses. The Company believes by adhering to its strong ESG principles, it will be able to deliver the following outcomes.

Growth Through Collaboration

Through property access, approvals, licenses, JV’s, tribute mining and toll treatment.

Reduced Costs

In energy, water and waste related to revenue generation.

Strategic Opportunities

Presented through Government and other stakeholder support.

Motivated and Productive Workforce

Through positive social and environmental impacts.

Enhanced Investment Returns

By allocating capital to sustainable opportunities (renewables, environmental protection, technology-enabled mining and processing plant).

Climate Change

Integrating climate-related risks and mitigation measures into business decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

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